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Vendor Branded Store-Within-A-Store

This is the ultimate in e-commerce content. We create a web store, branded for your company from A to Z, with all of the rich content you can think of. This will create the ultimate web store shopping experience for any end-user. This vendor-specific web store is maintained centrally so we can edit anything we wish and have it instantly reflect on all of the independent reseller web stores.

We plug this web store into any of our ibiz10 reseller web stores and that is it! Instantly, any end-user can shop using the vendor branded web store directly from the shopping cart of the reseller’s own web store!

Using the same web store, the Vendor can ALSO allow any of THEIR resellers to sell your products online! Please contact us for more details and a demonstration.

Please NOTE: We do not do any content maintenance or e-commerce solutions outside of the computer and consumer electronic industries.

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