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e-commerce ready and optimized product content is very important to ensure your products are best presented on web stores. If left to chance, your product images, descriptions and specifications may be incorrect and/or poorly presented. Ensuring that your product content is always up-to-date 365 days a year and well presented, is mission critical in marketing and selling of your products online.

There are a few companies like us who work with vendors like you to process their product content for web stores. Most content-providers charge huge subscription fees for a web store reseller to use your product content. In the future, vendor content should flow easier to online reseller store fronts directly from the vendors, however until that day arrives, you need to find ways to push-out your product content to the web stores or you will be at a clear disadvantage to the vendors who do.

We provide your product content for FREE to any online reseller using our e-commerce solution called ibiz10 ( see www.ibiz10.com ) You get your products promoted on our ibiz10 reseller network all across North America for FREE. All you do is provide us with your content or access to your content sources.

We also provide any online reseller our rich product content feed on a subscription basis.

By continually providing your content to us, you will be ensuring that your products are up-to-date and well presented on hundreds of independent IT reseller web stores.

We offer three types of rich product content feeds:

Standard Rich Content: This includes a small image, a large expandable image, a brief overview, and full specifications for each product. This type of content is FREE for all vendors. Please contact us to find out how you can have us maintain your product content on reseller web stores at no cost.

Enhanced Rich Content: This includes all of Standard Rich Content plus, up to 6 multiple pictures, video presentations, award listings, options, accessories, up-sell/cross-sell and other related SKUS. This type of content requires an annual content maintenance fee from all vendors. Please contact us for more details.

Vendor Branded Store-Within-A-Store: This is the ultimate in e-commerce content. We create a web store, branded for your company from A to Z, with all of the rich content you can think of. This will create the ultimate web store shopping experience for any end-user. This vendor-specific web store is maintained centrally so we can edit anything we wish and have it instantly reflect on all of the independent reseller web stores. We plug this web store into any of our ibiz10 reseller web stores and that is it! Instantly, any end-user can shop using the vendor branded web store directly from the shopping cart of the reseller’s own web store! Using the same web store, the Vendor can ALSO allow any of THEIR resellers to sell your products online! Please contact us for more details and a demonstration.

Please NOTE: We do not do any content maintenance or e-commerce solutions outside of the computer and consumer electronic industries.

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