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About ibiz10 network:

ibiz10 specializes in the computer and consumer electronic industries. We develop best-of-breed web-based E-Commerce, Sales Quotation, Spend Management, Supply-Chain Management, CRM and ERP business solutions that seamlessly integrate the reseller business with their suppliers and
clients. We help resellers streamline and grow their business online.

What we do for Manufacturers?

  • Maintain and feed the latest manufacturer product content to reseller web storefronts.
  • Create Vendor store-within-a-store to market and drive sales of their products online.
  • Post special reseller-only promotions on admin-side of ibiz10
  • Promote and position vendor products on reseller web storefronts.
  • Link their products to other products that are related for up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.

What we do for Distributors?

  • Allow resellers to check stock levels and costs in real-time 24/7
  • Allow resellers to place orders online via e-mail or XML directly into their systems
  • Allow resellers to track orders 24/7
  • Maintain 100% of distributor catalog properly categorized with new products added and discontinued products removed daily
  • Push special promotions and new product launches to the resellers
  • Match their products to our Master Category Matrix so all of their items can be found and purchased through resellers' e-commerce solutions
  • Develop their XML real-time connectivity
  • Provide web store for resellers to buy from them online

What we do for Resellers?

  • Maintain all of the product catalogs from all of their suppliers on one web portal
  • Allow them to check their costs and availability from all suppliers in real-time
  • Allow them to place orders and track in real-time
  • Allow them to generate accurate and professional sales quotes for their customers using real-time data.
  • Allow sales reps to enter orders from anywhere while checking price and availability in real-time
  • Allow purchasers to review amalgamated orders from every available source and purchase online.
  • Allow their end-users to browse and shop for products and services 24/7
  • Allow their large end-users to have a 100% customized procurement portal.
  • Allow their end-users to request service dispatch and RMA.

What we do for end-users?

  • Allow them to find, browse and shop for the latest IT products and services 24/7
  • Allow them to configure computer systems online
  • Allow them to check price and availability in real-time
  • Provide a personalized shopping experience with specific productselection, price level, tax rules, shipping rules etc.
  • Allow them to implement spend management with spending limits per user-type
  • Track orders in real-time, shipping and ETA
  • Allow them to request a quote
  • Allow them to request a service/support
  • Allow them to request an RMA
  • Allow them to review complete order history and self-manage their account 24/7

To learn more please visit www.ibiz10.com

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