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Here are several ways for you to feature or advertise your products on the ibiz10 online reseller network.

Store Front Feature:

Vendors can feature their products on the home pages of the ibiz10 reseller web stores.

  • Home Page Product Category Feature:  Your products are featured on the main landing page of the home page featured categories. Your products will be the first that the end-user sees when they click on the specific home-page category icon.

  • Home Page Feature Promotion: Your products are seen directly on the home page; In the dedicated promotion section area, And in the search results of “find all promotions”.

  • Home Page Manufacturer Store: Your company logo will appear on the home page and when end-users click, they will see ALL of your products in the system.

  • Home Page Vendor Branded Store-Within-A-Store: Your company logo or customized button will appear on the home page and when end-users click, they will see ALL of your products showcased within your branded environment with all of the rich content you can think of.

Category Feature:

Vendors can have their products appear at the top of the related category section. Eg, you can have your printers featured at the top of the Printer Category search results for everyone to see every time the printer category is selected.

e-Coupons: Vendors can post end-user rebates/coupons to instantly affect the selling price without affecting the margins of the reseller or distributor. It can be an instant rebate that you reimburse the resellers directly for each sale or it can be a mail-in rebate, whereby the end-user have to complete your form to receive their rebate payment. This is a great way to instantly generate demand at the end-user level! All items with a rebate associated will have an e-coupon icon appear besides the product automatically and will reflect the rebate discount on the selling price automatically.

e-Brochures: Vendors can attach their PDF e-brochures or other related documents to support the sale of their products. An e-brochure icon will appear besides each product with an electronic brochure attachment for instant download by end-user.

Reseller Advertising: Vendors can broadcast their message to the entire ibiz10 reseller network. Vendors use this to generate awareness of their promotions and other related sales opportunities. Promotions and messages can also appear directly in the Administration side of the reseller ibiz10 solution.

End-User Advertising: Most ibiz10 reseller web stores have the ability to broadcast an e-newsletter or promotion message to their entire database of online customers or to any sub-group, directly from their ibiz10 administration center. All web stores have the ability to export e-mailing lists for e-marketing campaigns. Vendors can produce their advertising message in HTML and we will push out to the ibiz10 resellers. Each reseller will decide independently to forward your message to their customer base.

Banner AD: We can create a banner ad for you and post on the home page. It will link directly to your product and the more info/buy button. This Smart-Banner ad can also be used by the reseller to post on any web site and to link back to your product in the reseller's shopping cart!

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